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Presentation 4.0

Duben 29 @ 12:00 pm - 01:30 pm



Let us invite you to a free sample of an online training Presentation 4.0 where you will find out that presenting in online environment can be:

  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Very effective

Some might say, that this can’t be done. People are distant, in front of a camera far, far away. There is no way how can I deliver as well as I would do in front of real people from flesh and bones. It is like watching theater play in your living room – simply not the same.

Nevertheless, in Image Lab company we created something special, a training which will make your online presentations feel like you are part of it no matter where you are. We took the basic presentation skills principles and transformed them in to the online environment in which we all have to communicate our projects, ideas and dreams. We created Online presentation 4.0.

In 1,5 hours we will spend together, I will show you how examples how we do it and how we operate.

Come and see for your self!



Testimonials and references of Image Lab clients:

  • One of the best Public speaking or Presentation skills workshop, I have attended. Learned also a lot about myself.
  • Everything was perfect, I want another training like this!
  • That I am very pleasantly surprised by the training, I honestly didn´t expect, that will be this usefull. Vít from Image Lab is a great trainer, energetic, perfect.


Leader of the MasterClass – Mr. Vit Spanhel, M.A.


The 5 sides of Vít:

  1. Lector – “I teach soft skill trainings with focus on communication, creativity and presentation skills.”
  2. Consultant – “I design communication, presentation and soft skill trainings in combination with improvisation.”
  3. Brand manager – “I come from marketing in corporate, and it is easy for me to understand difficult situations in the process. This experience showed me how „WHY?“ is the most important questions of all. Such understanding leads to finding solutions of even challenging / unsolvable situations.”
  4. Copy Writer – “I worked as a copy writer in advertising companies which showed me that creativity is nothing without proper communication and context.”
  5. Improvisator – “I take experiences from improvisation and theater to make a unique experience during the training.”



Access data will be sent after registration is completed.

The workshop is intended for HR directors, managers and education specialists, HR business partners.

It is not intended for consulting and educational companies and lecturers.




Kateřina Kalendová